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  1. What does 3D mean?
    The museum is decorated with Day Glow paint and lit with black lights. Every guest is given 3D glasses to use throughout the experience. IT is not required for viewing and is done so at the guests' own discretion throughout the museum.
  2. How do I redeem my ticket?
    Go to 131 Essex Street, (across from the Visitor Center) during our operating hours. 12-7:30pm Thursday - Monday.
  3. What are the operating hours?
    Monday: 12-8 (last entry at 7:30) Tuesday: Closed Wednesday: Closed Thursday: 12-8 (Last Entry at 7:30) Friday: 12-8 (Last Entry at 7:30) Saturday: 12-8 (Last entry at 7:30 Sunday: 12-8 (Last entry at 7:30)
  4. Is this suitable for Children?
    Children sometimes are scared, but it is not designed to be scary. Children should be okay with somewhat dark spaces, Halloween themed music and props, jack-o-lanterns, and mannequins if they will be entering the museum.
  1. How do I contact support?
    Call: 978-741-1170 In person: 131 Essex St. email: [email protected]
  2. How many guests can be accommodated?
    As many as you like, however there is a limit to how many people we can put through at a time. We may stagger a large group so that there is plenty of room for everyone to enjoy the attraction. Groups of more than 10 people should call ahead for group bookings.
  3. How do I book?
  4. How long should this take?
    It's at your own pace, so it completely varies. Most guests will feel that 30 minutes is enough time to experience the museum.
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